KNME New Mexico PBS Continues to Struggle Against Open Records Obligations

By Jim Scarantino on October 2, 2012

KNME New Mexico PBS is a government agency.  It is part of the University of New Mexico, a state institution.  Its employees are public employees.  Its documents are state records covered under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.
As we reported previously, KNME has racked up fines now approaching $200,000 for failing to fully [...]

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KNME-TV Faulted by Inspector General of Corporation for Public Broadcasting for Financial Irregularities, Open Meetings Violations

By Jim Scarantino on September 6, 2012

The Inspector General of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting reports that KNME-TV kept shoddy financial records, overstated revenues, failed to comply with open meetings laws, and should reimburse $130,000 of its grant funds.
Since we posted this story, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has disabled the link to the report on their Office of Inspector General [...]

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Public TV, Private Gain: KNME’s General Manager Rakes It In

By Jim Scarantino on August 30, 2012

For a non-profit organization dedicated to public service, KNME-TV pays its general manager more than its faithful supporters might imagine.  Polly Anderson, the general manager of New Mexico PBS, receives $165,000 a year, plus benefits. Her non-profit salary is right up there with what for-profit corporations pay managers at far larger television stations.  Though her [...]

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NMSU Needs A Sunshine Portal

By Jim Scarantino on August 1, 2012

UNM beats NMSU again. Hooray for UNM! A Bronx cheer for NMSU.
UNM’s win this time comes in being an institution that recognizes the duty it owes its funders–the taxpayers–to be open and transparent about how it spends their money. The University of New Mexico launched its Sunshine Portal in May. [...]

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Stimulus Money for New Mexico Spent On Studying Beaver Dams in Yellowstone

By Jim Scarantino on June 6, 2012

One of the first New Mexico projects to receive funds from the Obama stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, had nothing to do with New Mexico. It was a $184,986 study of beaver dams in Yellowstone National Park, which is located not in the Land of Enchantment, but in the Cowboy [...]

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7 NM schools get A’s, 4 get F’s in transparency report

By Rob Nikolewski on June 4, 2012

Seven institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities in plain English) received A’s while four facilities earned F’s when it comes to transparency, according to a study on obtaining payroll information from New Mexico’s publicly-funded schools conducted by the Rio Grande Foundation.
The colleges and universities receiving A’s:
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State
Eastern New Mexico
New Mexico [...]

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Obama Stimulus Funds Spent on UNM’s Collection of Insects and Crustaceans; Zero Jobs For Humans Reported

By Jim Scarantino on June 1, 2012

So you’re out of work with plenty of time on your hands. Drift on over to the University of New Mexico arthropod museum to see how $453,444 in stimulus funds intended for creating jobs for people was spent on critters who wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies.
On August 21, 2009, the National [...]

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Susana Martinez responds to “una Tejana” ad: “It’s inappropriate … They’re talking about me as a person instead of where I stand”

By Rob Nikolewski on October 9, 2010

Earlier this week, the campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Diane Denish ran this ad from Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Brian Colón calling Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez “una Tejana.”
It’s a reference to Martinez being born in El Paso and in the ad, Colón also says that Martinez is “bought and paid for by a Texas [...]

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Forbes says St. John’s College in Santa Fe is the state’s best

By Rob Nikolewski on August 16, 2010

Forbes has just released its rankings for “America’s Best Colleges,” with four New Mexico schools making the magazine’s list of 610 colleges.
Forbes rated St. John’s College in Santa Fe as the state’s best, with the school liberal arts school coming in at 217, followed by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology coming in [...]

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