Yikes! The trust fund for paying disability beneficiaries runs out in less than three years

By Rob Nikolewski on July 8, 2013

The disability story isn’t going away.
Last month, New Mexico Watchdog reported how the number of people in New Mexico receiving Social Security disability benefits has skyrocketed nearly 60 percent in the last nine years.
Now, we’ve learned that by the Social Security Administration’s own figures, the national Disability Insurance Trust Fund is on a path to [...]

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You could pay a lot more for milk soon — because of an arcane federal provision

By Rob Nikolewski on December 28, 2012

The cow jumped over the moon. And the cost of a gallon of milk might soon follow.
While the talk of the government going over the fiscal cliff has dominated the headlines, another deadline is fast approaching.
The federal government’s current 5-year farm bill is about to expire at the end of 2012 and due to a [...]

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The tautological nature of entitlements and gov’t spending: How can you break the cycle with numbers like these?

By Rob Nikolewski on September 16, 2010

A recent poll showed that 61 percent of Americans had serious worries about the rate of government spending. That’s encouraging because the country has racked up a $1.9 trillion debt in recent years.
What’s not encouraging is the percentage of Americans who receive — and depend — on government largesse. And that number keeps growing. It [...]

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