Public TV, Private Gain: KNME’s General Manager Rakes It In

By Jim Scarantino on August 30, 2012

For a non-profit organization dedicated to public service, KNME-TV pays its general manager more than its faithful supporters might imagine.  Polly Anderson, the general manager of New Mexico PBS, receives $165,000 a year, plus benefits. Her non-profit salary is right up there with what for-profit corporations pay managers at far larger television stations.  Though her [...]

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Which presidential candidate really reflects your views? Take the quiz

By Rob Nikolewski on July 23, 2012

And the presidential candidate most in synch with the voters of Texas and Georgia is …
Gary Johnson?
Well, for what it’s worth, an interactive site called has been launched where you can take a quick quiz on basic policy questions and match up your particular stance on national and international issues to find out who [...]

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