More money slated to crack down on doping in NM horse racing

By Rob Nikolewski on January 14, 2013

After a year in which New Mexico horse racing was the target of a slew of negative stories — including the deaths of quarter horses running in high-profile races and suspensions of trainers for doping — the proposed budgets from Gov. Susana Martinez and the Legislative Finance Committee have called for increased spending for the [...]

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NM poll: Obama 50%, Romney 41%, Gary Johnson 5% – Johnson airs cable TV ad

By Rob Nikolewski on October 28, 2012

In a statewide poll conducted 12 days before the presidential election, Barack Obama still maintains a comfortable lead on Mitt Romney while the former two-term governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, who’s running as the Libertarian Party candidate is polling at 5 percent.
Here are the results of the poll released by the Albuquerque Journal that [...]

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One NM track cracks down on drugging horses, at least one more may follow UPDATE: ABQ Downs joins in

By Rob Nikolewski on September 4, 2012

After a season marred by accusations that some trainers drugged horses to deadly levels, one quarter horse track in New Mexico says it will institute harsher fines and penalties and another track may soon follow suit.
“I think it’s great,” New Mexico Racing Commission Director Vince Mares told Capitol Report New Mexico on Monday (Sept. 4) [...]

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NM Racing Commission passes tougher horse racing guidelines

By Rob Nikolewski on June 21, 2012

New rules are in place; let’s see what kind of effect they’ll have.
On Thursday (June 21), the New Mexico Racing Commission – as expected — unanimously adopted horse racing guidelines in accordance with the nationally-recognized Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) in the hopes of establishing clearer standards and helping to track down unscrupulous horse [...]

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Weird: Powerful drug from frogs found in NM racehorses

By Rob Nikolewski on June 19, 2012

In one of the weirdest stories we’ve come across, the New York Times published a story Tuesday (June 19) disclosing that race horses in as many as four states — including New Mexico — have been found to have traces of a “powerful performance-enhancing potion drawn from the backs of a type of South American [...]

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Stricter standards, tougher enforcement on the horizon in NM horse racing

By Rob Nikolewski on May 2, 2012

It looks like just about every major player associated with horse racing in New Mexico is on board with the state Racing Commission’s call for stricter standards and tougher enforcement for the sport.
On Wednesday (May 2), representatives from the five licensed tracks in the state as well as horse owners, breeders and racing interest groups [...]

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PPP’s polling raises some eyebrows; favorability numbers for NM Governor shift 6 points in just days

By Rob Nikolewski on April 26, 2012

Is there something funny going on with the surveys Public Policy Polling (PPP) is releasing here in New Mexico?
PPP is a national outfit associated with the Democratic Party. The North Carolina-based firm doesn’t hide that fact but insists it doesn’t allow its rooting interest for Democrats and liberal causes interfere with its polling data.
Republicans often [...]

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NM horse racing officials look to adopt stricter rules: “We need to get tough,” chairman says

By Rob Nikolewski on April 19, 2012

Within the next two months, the rules and penalties concerning New Mexico horse racing might get a lot tougher. And if the legislature goes along, so might drug testing.
On Thursday (April 19), the state’s Racing Commission is considering adopting regulations from the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) in addition to possibly increasing the number [...]

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Susana on horse abuse stories: “This is unacceptable” UPDATE: Gov asking feds to reject slaughterhouse

By Rob Nikolewski on April 12, 2012

In the past few weeks two shocking stories concerning horses in New Mexico made headlines.
First, the Albuquerque Journal came out with graphic photos of four starving horses found suffering at a Los Lunas feedlot.
Second, the New York Times ran a blistering exposé of horse racing abuse across the country and pointed at New Mexico as [...]

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The NY Times horse racing story, one week later

By Rob Nikolewski on April 1, 2012

It’s been a week since the New York Times ran a massive and devastating article about the state of horse racing in general and New Mexico in particular, painting a picture of an industry where too many horses are drugged to such an extent that the danger already built into the sport is raised to [...]

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