Odd news release about Susana and Romney from NM Democrats

By Rob Nikolewski on August 23, 2012

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez was not in Hobbs Thursday (Aug. 23) when Mitt Romney made a campaign stop talking about his energy policy. (Click here for that story.)
It was the first appearance by Romney in New Mexico during his campaign for the presidency and with Martinez absent, Javier Gonzales of the Democratic Party of New [...]

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Will Paul Ryan make a difference in NM races this fall? Susana: “At least he had the courage to come up with a budget”

By Rob Nikolewski on August 13, 2012

Three days after Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, it’s still not clear how the selection could play out here in New Mexico.
Die-hard Republicans are praising Ryan while Democrats are blasting the well-known budget hawk as extreme. That’s no surprise.
But a number of Republican candidates this November in New Mexico swing districts [...]

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NM Democrats upset over elimination of straight-party voting

By Rob Nikolewski on June 18, 2012

One day after hearing that Secretary of State Dianna Duran has decided to get rid of straight-party voting in the upcoming November elections, the reaction in the Roundhouse was predictable as Democrats opposed the ruling while Republicans approved it.
“A decision like that should be the prerogative of the voters,” Rep. Luciano “Lucky” Varela (D-Santa Fe) [...]

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NM gets big bump in state tax revenue in 2011

By Rob Nikolewski on April 17, 2012

It seems whenever a national survey comes out, the good people of New Mexico have become used to bracing themselves for bad news.
But the state received some rare good news on Tuesday (April 17) when a survey released by the US Census Bureau showed New Mexico racking up the fourth-best increase in state total tax [...]

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Reaction to Supreme Court redistricting remand: Dems love it, Republicans hate it

By Rob Nikolewski on February 10, 2012

On Friday, the New Mexico Supreme Court tossed back the House redistricting map that a high court-appointed judge OK’d last month. Click here to read the details.
Democrats hailed the reversal while Republicans decried it.
Capitol Report New Mexico talked to Rep. Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), who was one of the parties who argued to the Supremes [...]

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NM Senate redistricting compromise offered

By Rob Nikolewski on January 11, 2012

A compromise plan for redistricting the New Mexico state Senate was hammered out among Gov. Susana Martinez, Native American groups as well as segments of Republicans and Democrats on Wednesday (Jan. 10). Now it remains to be seen if the judge in charge of reconfiguring voting boundaries for the state will OK it, although talk [...]

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Republicans call on Stapleton to step down as House Majority Whip and give personal apology to governor

By Rob Nikolewski on December 15, 2011

A day after rattling the Roundhouse by upbraiding a state representative during a break in a committee meeting, Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Albuquerque) came under fire from New Mexico Republicans after accusing Rep. Nora Espinoza (R-Roswell) of “carrying the Mexican’s water on the fourth floor,” a reference to Gov. Susana Martinez whose office is located [...]

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NM Supreme Court rejects Susana’s changes to the unemployment bill

By Rob Nikolewski on December 14, 2011

On Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 14), the state Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Susana Martinez was wrong when she issued a line-item veto on a bill passed by the state legislature earlier this year aimed at shoring up New Mexico’s unemployment compensation fund.
Martinez objected to the bill because it would raise $128 million in taxes from [...]

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Report says NM has 100,000-150,000 ineligible voters on its rolls … and can’t do anything about it until 2015

By Rob Nikolewski on November 17, 2011

As Capitol Report New Mexico posted a couple days ago, Secretary of State Dianna Duran was about to release an interim report into the status of New Mexico’s voter files. Today (Nov. 17), she delivered it.
In a 17-page document sent to legislators across the state, Duran’s office addresses allegations — nearly exclusively from Republicans — [...]

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Everybody and their uncle calling on Jerome Block Jr to resign; impeachment a possibility

By Rob Nikolewski on August 9, 2011

Jerome Block Jr. was a no-show at the Public Regulation Commission’s Tuesday hearing (Aug. 9) as the four other PRC commissioners agreed to a statement urging Block to resign his position at the agency “as soon as possible.”
PRC chairman Pat Lyons wanted commission members to also OK a motion to immediately oust Block as [...]

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