Rio Arriba County yanks money for NetRoots Nation conventions

By Rob Nikolewski on November 12, 2013

By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog
Rio Arriba County will no longer pay to send county employees to NetRoots Nation conferences.
About five months ago, New Mexico Watchdog revealed two workers attended the well-known liberal political convention using taxpayer money.
“Rio Arriba County will no longer honor any travel requests to future NetRoots Nation conferences,” county manager Tomás [...]

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Rio Arriba taxpayers to pay for county employees’ trip to NetRoots convention

By Rob Nikolewski on May 29, 2013

Taxpayers in Rio Arriba County are footing the bill for two county employees to attend a four-day convention in California with a decided partisan political bent, New Mexico Watchdog has learned.
In late April, Rio Arriba County Commissioners in a 3-0 vote approved out-of-town travel expenses for Lauren Reichelt, the county’s director for Health and Human [...]

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Incumbents getting pushed hard (especially from the left) on eve of the primary

By Rob Nikolewski on June 4, 2012

Incumbency is supposed to have its advantages but on the eve of the state’s primary elections, a number of sitting legislators in the Roundhouse are hustling to keep their seats.
Unlike US congressional and senate races where there is plenty of polling to determine who’s supposedly leading on not, statehouse races involve a measure of guesswork. [...]

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