Political feud: Pat Lyons vs. Hector Balderas

By Rob Nikolewski on September 27, 2011
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Pat Lyons and are going at it.

The newly-elected chairman of the (PRC) fired off an open letter to the media last week, saying that Balderas is using his to score political points at the expense of the PRC in order to enhance his bid for the US Senate.

Balderas says that’s balderdash; that his office is looking into a commission with a troubled history and that Lyons badly overreacted when officials from the auditor’s office discussed thoroughly going over the financial records of the PRC, which has come into sharp focus in the last couple months due to the a state-issued gas card, among other charges.

sat down with Lyons and Balderas to get both sides of the story.

Here’s Lyons:


And here’s Balderas:


And here’s the open letter Lyons sent to the media last week (you can click on the letter to read it unobstructed:)

And here’s the response from Balderas’ office (again, you can click on the response to read it unobstructed):

Lyons is no stranger to political feuds. Earlier this year, Lyons fired back after receiving criticism from current State Land Commissioner regarding Lyons’ eight-year tenure at the land office. You can to see of the back and forth between Powell and Lyons.

Balderas is competing with for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate seat that Sen. is retiring from in 2012. Before Lyons released his open letter last week, Balderas and his office earlier this month when members of the state auditor’s staff met with Lyons and others at the PRC.

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  1. 2:39 pm on October 1st, 2011

    Very well said. It’s refreshing to find a blog that I can refer my readers to. Keep up the good work!

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