After gunfire at prison home, former Corrections Secretary vies for long-closed warden job

By David Collins on September 9, 2011
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The former Corrections Dept. cabinet secretary who resigned after her boyfriend reportedly fired 14 times at rattlesnakes outside their prison-grounds home will compete for a warden’s job in Las Cruces that for several weeks has been listed as “no longer available” on the state jobs board.

Lupe Martinez’ resignation was announced Sept. 2, five days after suspended senior probation and parole official Larry Flynn blazed away at snakes near their shared home on prison grounds in Santa Fe. A statement from the office of Gov. Susana Martinez said the former cabinet secretary plans to compete for a Warden position at Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility.

Lupe Martinez

“All Warden positions are classified and are subject to a competitive application and hiring process,” said.

But the competition for that job is not open, according to the state Web site. A search of the today for “Warden” turned up links to four postings, all which were listed between June 9 and July 14. When clicked, each of the links resulted in a message that said “The Job Opening you are trying to access is no longer available. Please select a different opening.”

Other recently posted jobs that were listed as available on the jobs board each include a deadline of about two weeks after the job was posted on the state jobs board.

that “All vacant positions to be filled shall be open for recruitment unless otherwise authorized.” The rules also state that “The director shall establish a means to effectively advertise and recruit for vacant positions” and that any qualified applicant shall have the opportunity to compete for vacant positions open for recruitment.

An executive assistant to State Personnel Board executive director Eugene Moser said she would forward an inquiry to the board executive. The Watchdog also e-mailed an inquiry and will report whatever reply state recruiters offer as to why the state’s online jobs board has long listed as closed a position the governor’s office indicated is open for applications.

UPDATE: Within a couple hours of our inquiry, the Watchdog received the following reply from director Moser:

“The position has not been filled and the state many times repost positions for a number of reasons. These include: delays in filling the position, the unavailability of applicants, the need to create a larger pool of applicants for consideration. The warden positions in Grants, Los Lunas and Las Cruces have not been filled and are in process to be reposted on the web-site. The reason that positions that are closed still show on the web-site for applicants to use is because of the search engine used through the state’s SHARE system. This is one of the reasons why the state is moving within the month to a more robust and user friendly application system.”

Two interim cabinet-level officers now lead the state Corrections Department. A department spokesman said to his knowledge Lupe Martinez and Larry Flynn no longer reside at the staff residence at the Santa Fe penitentiary. The state-police investigation of the Aug. 27 incident involving Flynn and gunfire at that house is still underway.

Flynn, who was already on suspension pending investigation of allegations he falsified time cards related to his work on a federal gang task force, reportedly fired a weapon after he moved a dog-house and discovered rattlesnakes. That’s according to Corrections Dept. spokesman Shannon McReady.

It must’ve been a big nest of snakes. An he fired as many as 14 rounds.

Five days later, Gov. Martinez’ office announced that Lupe Martinez had resigned. The cabinet secretary – the top officer of the department that employed Flynn – was widely reported to be Flynn’s girlfriend, as well as his housemate in her state-owned residence. Flynn had worked in a senior position with the state probation and parole department until he was suspended in May.

McCready said the investigation, conducted the state Dept. of Public Safety, could take 14 days. Discharge of any firearm on prison grounds is a “serious incident” that requires formal investigation, McCready said, though the policies governing discharge of firearms at state prisons are confidential.

In the mean time, Roswell Chief of Police Alfonso Solis has been acting as interim secretary at the Corrections Dept. A statement from the governor’s office said Solis could continue as an interim secretary for as long as three months while he and acting deputy secretary Gregg Marcantel conduct a nationwide search for top officials to lead the states prison, probation and parole system. Marcantel came to the interim post from his job as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Public Safety.

Scott Darnell, a spokesman for Gov. Martinez, said the governor herself requested the state police investigation of Flynn’s gun play “to see if any laws had been broken.” The governor also insisted on an administrative review related to the incident.

UPDATE: Shortly after the Watchdog posted this report, Gov. Martinez’ spokesman Scott Darnell replied to a last-minute inquiry about the warden’s job not being listed as available on the state jobs board. “(T)he position remains vacant and will be posted soon…” Darnell wrote.

“So, this assertion:’It would appear Ms. Martinez is competing for a job for which other recruits are being turned away at the state’s official online jobs board.’ Is not the case at all…” Darnell said in the e-mail reply.

The Watchdog followed up with an inquiry as to whether that position, or any of the other three warden positions listed in June and July had been filled at any time since they were posted. We will report replies to our inquiry (update to update: the administrations reply, by way of the state personnel office, is included above, inline with the relevant section of the story. And the vacant warden positions appeared on the job board with new deadlines shortly after this report was posted. For the Las Cruces job, the new “Please apply by” date on the Sept. 9 job posting is Sept. 16.)

For the sake of certainty, here’s a screen shot of the state jobs board as of Sept. 9when this story was posted, before the wardens’ jobs were reposted within about an hour of this story’s publication. The screen shot shows the message potential applicants receive if they search for the position of warden at the Southern New Mexico Corrections Facility in Las Cruces:

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  1. Madison
    11:20 pm on September 9th, 2011

    It’s very unfortunate that it appears Martinez will be allowed to apply for the Warden position vacancy in Las Cruces. This position has been vacant for an extend period of time, approximately 8 months, and a local employee as been the acting Warden. This candidate has served the department for 25 years and applied for the position only to be offered a Warden position, by Martinez, for a facility that he had not applied. If he was considered for a Warden position at another facility why then would he not be considered for the Warden position at the facility he actually works, applied and interviewed. Please help the employees at SNMCF get the right Warden. We have an acting Warden that is dedicated, cares, improved employee productivity and morale. Next, as acting Warden he has put in the sweat equity that no one else has cared to do.

  2. 7:39 pm on September 11th, 2011

    Hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm.. everyone knows lupe martinez is being handed the las cruces warden position on a silver plaqtter. its no secret that lupe martinezs and probation parole larry flynn have been moving their stuff into prison housing in las cruces all weekend… what the govenor needs to realize is people have taken photos of these 2 on prison grounds. larry flynn is a dodo bird and he dosent deserve to even have a job anymore.

  3. 10:05 pm on September 11th, 2011

    The picture of the rattlesnake has a striking resemblence to Larry Flynn Probation Parole Official. Does anone know why Corrections Dept Bureau Chief Elona Cruz is being transfered out? Could it be that everyone is sick and tired of her living for free on Santa Fe Prison grounds? My question is this, why is she still being all,owed to work for the State of NM? being transfered to SPO Elona, (Hugh)?? you should be fired just like all of them.. I hope the new Warden of Santa Fe examines Probation Parole closely.. 1. Look at why all those Officers in 2009 were hurt — why did it happen?? Look up Toomey versus NM Corrections, Look up Bates versus NM Corrections, The soon to be EX Bureau Chief is behind alot of the corruption cover ups. Larry Flynn is also closely linked.. (STIU SPECIALIST ) my bootie.. And final thought ( to Ms. Charlene Knipfing) no matter what trouble is brewing for the Corrections Dept— you will NEVER get your jonb baxck asThe Director opf Probation Parole. were on to you and your all going down soon!

  4. 10:09 pm on September 11th, 2011

    I didn’t use spellcheck sorry.. Anyway read thru all the lines.

  5. Chris
    11:36 pm on September 11th, 2011

    At Carlos,

    You are a fool and know nothing. It is foolish people like you who spread rumors that are not true. Get your facts straight before you publish your lies publicly. Won’t you look stupid when your words turn out to be wrong?

  6. bunnyslippers
    8:27 pm on September 12th, 2011

    Since when is Negligent use of firearm not a crime ? And 14 rounds at that, there are employees with children who live on the facility. I mean those people that work and are entitled to housing, unlike Elona … but we all know what she had to go to get her free house !

  7. Lydia
    8:31 pm on September 12th, 2011

    Did everyone congratulate Larry Flynn on his new job … Special Agent in Charge at the Office of General Counsel … ? Yea I didn’t see that one on SHARE either, I’m sure a raise went along with it as well ! Just like the fat raise all of probation and parole management got. Membership really has its privileges in the Department of Corruption !!!!!

  8. 10:07 pm on September 12th, 2011

    In response to Chris..fact is fact him and her were in Las Cruces on sunday eating mexican food at La Posta resteraunt. The other fact is good old Flynn got a new job that wasnt advertised to the general public.. Mr. rattlesnake Flynn will be a special agent for the General Counsel in Las Cruces.. if you dont believe me Chris just simply put in Larry Flynn name in the NM State Personnel directory.. heck he even has new email listing with his new job listed…..No Lies No rumors just simply the truth.

  9. Chris
    10:56 pm on September 12th, 2011

    I’ll bet you (Carlos) my next paycheck that you’re wrong. Eating at La Posta in Las Cruces doesn’t make Larry Flynn a new special agent in Las Cruces for the General Counsel. Get over yourself already. You don’t know everything. Ask anybody here in Las Cruces if they have moved anything in the house at the prison. You will quickly find out that you are WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! Did you PERSONALLY see them moving their stuff in? No. I would bet your are relying on your unreliable sources. You and these other negative people are a joke. You find joy in other peoples’ misery. You are sick.

  10. Sherrie
    8:36 am on September 13th, 2011

    This is for Desiree who can’t spell. Are you really defending Tonya Toomey and Karen Bates? Everybody knows Toomey is a nutjob. And Bates? Well…enough said. Any relation to Norman? You picked the two people who have absolutely no credibility. They make us females who are trying to better ourselves in our careers look bad with their phony allegations.

  11. 11:12 am on September 13th, 2011

    In response to Chris.. I will gladly except that paycheck since my earnings are so meager.. look in the NM STATE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR LARRY FLYNN you will find his new job title and jolb lolcation… Dont worry I understand your frustration in this colrrupt corrections dept.

  12. 2:25 pm on September 13th, 2011

    What I want to know is how does the current Acting Warden at Southern New Mexico get away with using a state vehicle for his own personal use? Isn’t this a “Big NO NO?” Also, how does he manage to conduct personal business such as University of Phoenix on company time and run a facility at the same time? Is this what Southern needs, really?

  13. 2:42 pm on September 13th, 2011

    Hey Sherrie or should I say Probation Officer Supervisor Liz Floey.? How you like being called during your going away dinner by the Feds??? stating they didnt want you? I actually felt sorry for you as your actually shed a tear or two. you might not Toomey for personal reasons like she wasnt scared to stand up and fight back…you call her a nutjob well mayso so after having her butt kicked and having to have numerous surgies after she was beaten so severely by Dt instructors because she reported criminal activity from the corrections. dept. as for bates it appears her federal case is doing very well. Liz you should be ashamed of yourself and quit hiding behind fake names like sherrie … everyone knows your not a Bell… or Hearing officer… besides Bell is to honorable to do say or do anything against a victim.. Grow up.

  14. 2:53 pm on September 13th, 2011


    A point of advice. You should really know all your facts before you open your mouth and vent against others who are actually a role model to many others. I pray for the many victims who had the courage to stand up against the Knipfing and Jablonski Administration. I pray for you as well because your a truly misguided soul.

  15. Lydia
    8:06 pm on September 13th, 2011

    To the lapdog wannabes, you’ll never get ahead on a corrupt department by simply bashing victims. You’re gonna have to commit your own felonies, watch your own child porn, and snuggle bug with Lupe if she has time after Larry and the inmates she’s known to frequent. Aspire to be and do more than lick the bunions on Charlene Knipfing’s feet !!

    Warning: You might should be careful blogging on state time or from your state computer.

  16. Sherrie
    8:33 pm on September 13th, 2011

    This appears to be very personal to you “Carlos”. I think I have gotten under your skin. You are totally out of control and it shows. You have called out Liz Foley with no proof. You have no idea who I am any more than I know who you are (although I have my suspicions). I agree with Chris. You lie and spread rumors and have no concept of what the truth is. It shows in your 2:42 p.m. comment (was this on State time???). You show a lack of control and you lack common decency for other people. You attack with no regard to how it affects those people personally. Are you without flaws?

    Toomey was a nutjob before she went to DT. That is just an excuse and a way to bleed the State for money. And Bates? She’s the only one who thinks her case is going well and another one who wants to bleed the State for money. Does a day go by that she doesn’t want to sue the Corrections Department for looking at her wrong?

    You have the gall to tell me to grow up. You are a coward. Look back at all of the blogs involving Corrections and Probation and Parole, and whose name is behind all of the trash talk? “Carlos” Somehow I don’t believe that is your real name either.

    You need to learn how to spell, too. Did you and Desiree take the same Hooked on Phonics course? No wonder your earnings are meager.

  17. 6:31 pm on September 14th, 2011

    In response to Sherrie.. the hooked on phonics thing was funny. i will just atribute it to bad eyesite on my part. You think I am saying untruths well heres another truthful tale.. poor poor Larry Flynn was at Probation Parole yesterday and was made to go thru the metal detector yesterday before his interview with NMSP . how come your allowed to run free bein g the unqualified fvemale supervisor who also got hurt at dt and sat on lite duty for over 3 years. you mock victims and call them out by their full names your the sick one here. bruises and surgies dont lie b abe…no wonder they didnt hire you in the federal sect.

  18. sven
    6:31 pm on September 14th, 2011

    Mr. Franco is facing Federal child pornography charges from a Federal Grand Jury Indictment. One of the counts was for possession of child pornography in October 2007. In October 2007 Larry Franco was caught tampering with the Union’s computer. This also occurred within the confines of the Probation Parole Office that Larry Franco was in charge of. A 30 day statewide posting from NMCD’s Management acknowledged this as well.

    Through the years there were many victims who had to deal with the wrath of Larry Franco. Management knew what was going on, but chose to ignore their substantiated complaints.

    The ridicule, the slander, the retaliatory actions taken against the Whistle Blowers was very real. The money Larry Franco cost the State is very real too and partly explains why news stories like the Larry Flynn fiasco, continues to have legs.

    Something to think about:

    While Larry Franco is pondering what his plea deal will be, in the face of the five year minimum mandatory prison time for each of the 6 counts he is charged with, he knows he is going to have to give up State’s evidence. He very well may be thinking that NMCD’s Internal Affairs could help him out one more time.

    Read between the lines on that one Super Sleuth.

  19. 8:09 pm on September 14th, 2011

    One more news tip.. watch channel 7 tonight. Bureau Chief Elona Cruz of the corrupt corrections dept is following Mr. Larry Flynn and losing her free shower time.. Bye elona good riddance.

  20. Displeased
    6:59 pm on September 15th, 2011

    @David Collins. During your research what was the excuse for the Warden’s position at Springer? The position was posted some time ago, eligible candidates were selected, and interviews were conducted, but Ms. Lupe failed to promote. Why wasn’t a Warden selected? Why hasn’t that position been re-posted? What’s the delay? What’s the hold up? There is something shady and unethical going on and people want answers. Instead the department placed an inexperienced manager as acting Warden, over candidates with more experience and more correctional knowledge, but due to Ms. Martinez’s inability or unwillingness promote those deserving of the position were not promoted. Who’s looking into this?

  21. Pita
    8:43 pm on September 15th, 2011

    What about Elona’s state issued vehicle and state cell phone? She lives rent free, no utilities, no insurance, no car payment, doesnt have to pay for the gas in the vehicle. I wouldnt be surprised if the department doesnt give her a clothing allowance! So she collected a big paycheck and banked it. The state vehicles should only be issued to those who are called out in the field, no others! Same with the state issued cell phones. Enough of the free ride.

  22. 8:56 pm on September 15th, 2011

    To Sherrie and Everyone else,

    I like the movie Psycho– and Norman Bates was a great character.
    And yes I will defend anyone whose stood up and tried to fight against this corrupt dept. Judging by last night another corrupt official ( Elona Cruz) is on her way out.
    I personally think this woman is an egotistic BCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Woman.
    Carma is a funny thing. I hope Elona, Franco, Flynn, Elsie, Vicky, Linda, Aububn, Charlene, Jeremiah, (THE GRUESOME TWOSOME) Dan Barela and Joe Barela all realize their days are truly numbered.

  23. Margo
    9:18 pm on September 15th, 2011

    While there at it…they need to get rid of the employees who have been convicted of domestic violence charges, not promote them!

  24. David Collins
    9:26 pm on September 15th, 2011

    @Displeased — the best answer I got was “position has not been filled” due to “delays in filling the position, the unavailability of applicants, the need to create a larger pool of applicants for consideration.” II’m not certain how that might specifically applies to Springer, but I can look into it. I’m aware that to say something did not happen due to delays in that thing happening can appear to be petitio principii, assuming the initial point or begging the question. I submitted follow up questions, but have not yet received a reply.

    I don’t always find the conclusive explanations I want to provide readers, but to recap, so far I’ve learned and reported that:
    * the position has been vacant for months,
    * state rules say that applications are to be accepted for vacant positions as long as they are open unless the director of the personnel office decides to do otherwise,
    * applicants were apparently recruited for only two weeks the first time and
    * applications were to be accepted only one week after the position was reposted — which occurred within an hour of this story being posted.

  25. sven
    9:44 pm on September 15th, 2011

    To anyone on this forum who was referred to as a “Nut Job”. Don’t worry about it. I mean after all, Larry Franco either passed or was given a waiver for his Psychological exam. Talk about hypocrisy.

    What makes that even more pathetic is that the Whistle Blower with a sustained Sexual Harassment complaint against Larry Franco failed her psychological exam. She has since moved on to another Law Enforcement Agency and now carries a firearm. I guess she was too much of a “Nut Job” to carry a firearm for NMCD.

    Then there is the 40 or so “Nut Jobs” who went to the previous administrations Lieutenant Governor’s Office to voice their concerns about the corruption going on within the New Mexico Corrections Department.

    Then there are the 500 people who signed the petition on behalf of the Union President as a show of solidarity after he was terminated in his attempt to address more Sexual Harassment complaints on NMCD’s corrupted regime.
    The petition was sent to the Governor’s Office. The Union President who was terminated and all 500 people who supported him are all “Nut Jobs”.

    Then there is my personal favorite. To the “Nut Job” who busted Larry Franco tampering with the Union’s Computer in October 2007. Now we come to find out Larry Franco was busted yet again for possession of child pornography on his home computer dating back to October 2007 only this time the charge is coming from a Federal Grand Jury Indictment.

    The sad, but dangerous reality is that; “The Real Nut Jobs” of course, were all of those who empowered Larry Franco, and all of those who continue to mock the whistle Blowers in their vain attempt to cover up their dirty deeds and their shameless actions to retaliate against anyone who stands up to NMCD’s corrupted regime.

    To Rob Casler; are you getting any of this?

  26. Lydia
    10:46 pm on September 15th, 2011

    To Displeased, the public information officer at DOC is Shannon McReynolds. Who applied for a position, what they scored at interview, etc is all public information. His email address is . The more questions that get asked the more aware this corrupt department will be that people are aware of what’s going on.

    If anybody is in the area of Central office please drop off an apartment guide for Elona. That is if you can get by the security and canine at the front gate. Maybe if they’re so afraid someone is gonna go active shooter on them they should consider how they treat their employees !

    Not that Flynn is all that stable but let’s remember, up until just a few weeks ago he was still a good ole boy, appears to still have a big paycheck coming in too.

  27. John
    9:16 am on September 16th, 2011

    Funny how this corruption reminds me of an incident that occurred at Southern a few years ago, Pablo Martinez was a unit Manager out there under the direction of his long time buddy Warden Lawrence Tafoya, well when Tafoya was appointed to a Director position up north he took Pablo with him (got to hook a brother up que no?). Well after some questionable decision making Larry, was forced to resign and left Paul swinging in the breeze with nobody to back him up and enforce his threats and posturing. Shortly after Larry’s resignation Paul came back to Southern and his position which had been vacant for close to a year if not more without the position being posted or even interviewing for the position much less giving others the chance to apply, now how does that happen, riddle me this.

  28. 9:27 am on September 16th, 2011


    Since certain people on your blog are openly using victims names can you you do a follow up story on their individual cases. If you look up NMCD Courts you can see several of the victims listed. ( 2 names especially on your website) These cases give pertinent infornation on how whisleblowrs are treated by the corrections dept. When I entered the correctons field I had no idea I would be reliving the movie Serpico daily. I hope the new acting corrections secretary and deputy of corrections ( especially Mr. Mercantil) realize they need to clean house.

  29. Tony
    3:22 pm on September 16th, 2011

    Someone tell me why C. Knipfing is still employed with NMCD? Susanna, you said ALL Richardsons Administration would be fired and would not be allowed to move into another position! She was a big part why this department is the way it is, which is not a good thing!

  30. Carmen
    12:18 am on September 17th, 2011

    Carlos, Dont you think you should be using this time and energy at the gym, your (buddies) gossip group said your gaining weight. big brothers is watching you!

  31. Roger
    9:35 am on September 17th, 2011

    Lydia, Your personal attacks and opinion are alarming. One may think you are making threats. With your accusation, defamation of character comments and personal vendetta, you may find yourself on the other side of the fence. Just remember, it takes our Government less than 30 min to track you down and knock on your door.

  32. Mikie
    9:47 am on September 17th, 2011

    Good job Rodger!!!! Could not have said it better. Sound like a bunch of disgruntled employees that were held accountable for their actions? Defacing others sure is not the way to promotions. Their ignorance is proof that the Corrections are not corrupt as they portray, or they would be dining on food loaf with their inmate pals. What a site that would be or maybe not?

  33. 11:06 am on September 17th, 2011


    Your question is easy to answer ” Dick Knipfing on channel 13.”
    Gov Susanna Martinez, is scared of bad press. Ms. Charlene Knipfing is still making the same salary as before. They created a position at NMCD for her solely. Ms. Knipfings sole job duties is to hang out in the smoke shack and smoke her cigees. I wish my husband worked for channel 13, and I could reek the benefits of just standing around all day, and doing nothing, and making ( 98 thoudand per year)..

  34. Pat
    11:54 am on September 17th, 2011

    To David Collins/Lydia, several deputy wardens & other correctional managers applied for the position at Springer. Many with 20 plus years of corrections experience were weeded out of an opportunity to interview thanks to Elona’s filter as to who meets criteria and who doesn’t, guess all this depends on her mood. After the Elona filter, only a few were allowed to interview, then after they interviewed, Ms. Lupe Martinez decided that none of the interviewees met her definition of Warden material even though some of them were already deputy warden’s running existing facilities. Was this an attempt of vengence and revenge by our former Cabinet Secretary. Maybe. Then to add insult to injury, they place an inexperience mid level manager with less than 1 year of supervisory knowledge, as Acting Warden of Springer. Lacks of experience is chosen over those with an abundance of experience applicants who originally applied. NMCD employees have last all confidence in the process and are hoping for a more positive result from the interim administration.

  35. Mikie
    2:26 pm on September 17th, 2011

    I also wish your husband would work. Is he living on the tax payer money?

  36. Chris
    11:48 pm on September 17th, 2011


    That inexperienced mid level manager is doing the job that the previous warden should have been doing himself. She is cleaning up the mess he left behind. All inexperienced mid level managers should be so good. Shame on you for criticizing her. She should be the new warden.

    As for the others who applied for the warden. Just because they applied doesn’t mean they deserved the job. Promotions should be earned because of hard work and good decision making. Just because you are a DOC employee doesn’t make you entitled to a promotion. Did you stop to think that the people that applied didn’t prove themselves in the job they already have? Do we really want leaders who are lazy, problem children, take 10 smoke breaks a day or are still part of the good old boys club? I think it says a lot that nobody was picked and that an inexperienced midlevel manager was sent to do the job. I applaud Lupe Martinez for not settling. I hope the new leadership will have HIGH expectations too.

  37. Roger
    10:52 am on September 18th, 2011

    Amen to that Chris! Corrections is full of lazy people with a victim mentality. Crying “poor me”, “its everyone else’s fault but mine” They need to own up to their own issues, instead creating high school drama and attacking the loyal hard working. They sound like a bunch of typical minions, that’s why they are still on the bottom of the food chain. I think the only mistake management is making is not using a exterminator to filter out the applicant. that would be the solution to rid the Desiree’s,Lydia’s and Carlos’s.

  38. Pat
    9:25 pm on September 18th, 2011

    To Chris, at no time did I criticize the acting warden, I was criticizing the promotional and recruitment process, and how it is disheartening to those who have made Corrections a career choice, those who have been worked hard for years and for those who have were by passed for promotions due to not being politically correct.. Sounds to me “Chris” you’ve taken my comment rather personal. Wonder why? Was it personal? Many of those that interviewed are not lazy, and the many who were prevented from interviewing due to the distorted application process by Ms. Cruz are not lazy,don’t smoke or are part of the good old boys club. Therefore, they deserved an opportunity. How dare you judge others and their experiences when you yourself are lacking in comparison to them. The midlevel manager was selected in order to avoid any grievable complaints that could be made by those who met the eligibility criteria. Chris, do you meet the criteria????

  39. Chris
    11:37 pm on September 18th, 2011

    Just calling like I see it, Pat. Isn’t that what this site is all about? Everybody has an opinion and so do I. Not every supervisor is corrupt but every time somebody doesn’t get what they want, somebody besides themself it at fault. Somebody’s got to run this joint. Will any of you ever be happy with anybody? You are living in a fantasy world if you think everybody can be made happy.

  40. 9:42 am on September 19th, 2011

    Roger you sound like management to me. Hmmmmm. Lets see Jeremiah A. is it. dont worry your in line to step down. Word of advice you guys at central talk to much and whom your talking to is recording you.

  41. Roger
    11:10 am on September 19th, 2011

    To Carlos, Strike one, three your out, your not even close. hit another dozen donuts it may help.

  42. 11:16 am on September 19th, 2011

    Roger I forgot to ask if you wouldnt mind picling up your suzy Q crums from the computer lab..Thanks so mucj Jeremiah A.

  43. 8:41 pm on September 19th, 2011


    Why would you call me lazy? I work 40 plus hours per week. I don’t have victim mentality either. I personally just don’t like victim’s being abused by corrupt management staff like yourself.”

  44. Roger
    10:07 pm on September 19th, 2011

    I will tell you why, let’s start with, I am not buying you don’t like seeing victims be abused. No one invest this much time on others, this is personal. But I’ll go with it for the fun of it. Next, the fact that anyone that felt they were being abused by “corrupt Management” and still stays around is either, lazy, dysfunctional, no one else will hire them or they like abuse. I won’t judge I‘ll let you figure that one out. Now seeing that the “victims “are still around, harboring resentful feeling , still bad mouthing others and complaining, confirms they and others like them are acting like victims not survivors. If you, I mean they, had real control of their life they would move on, get off the chat and make positive changes for themselves. I have purely based this on your on line comments and actions, I am torn between feeling sorry for you, that you do not have the confidence to succeed and disgusted that you are using your valuable time to destroy others. Do yourself a favor, make better choices advise the “victims” to go where he/she feels appreciated and not abused. Because at the end of the day the only one who can make the positive changes in ones life is the person looking at you in the mirror and that’s the same person you have to live with. Just give it some thought.

  45. Chris
    10:42 pm on September 19th, 2011

    That’s the best advice I’ve heard on this dirt rag, Roger. Let us only hope the regulars (Carlos, Desiree, Pat, Sven, Lydia, Boogerslippers) take a look in that mirror you mentioned.

  46. 5:31 pm on September 20th, 2011


    You 2 guys should be ashamed of yourself’s. You remind me of a rapist who has no remorse for the victims that you rape. Being a predator with no remorse is truly sickening. I truly hope you don’t have any type of caseload over at PPD. – if you do move over Larry Franco, here’s 2 more perverted misquided fools who can share your padded cell with you. You mention to Desiree, to use a mirror, well in turn, you should take a long hard look at yourself.. YOU POOR SICK TRIO OF SOB”S.

  47. Roger
    7:47 pm on September 20th, 2011

    Pass the pipe Candace< whatever you are smoking I want some. What chat are you on? At what point do these people start defending their self’s and taking mature responsible actions? What’s really sick is, that the very people that are on this site are the ones that feel they are being wronged and coward behind fake names, instead of taking control of their life. No one feels sorry for complainers and comparing it to rape make you look even more foolish and magnetizes your ignorance. Feeling sorry for people that have created their destiny is like feeling sorry for a 4oo pound person at a all you can eat buffet.. If you really want to defend the weak head downtown, there are many there that could use your service and more deserving. Your Posey has done fine job of making a public record of their own weakness and labeling themselves as “Victims” now you, want to join in, who the heck are you, another name change? You are still not doing them or yourself any favors. Your still not getting it, I am not going after the “Victims” I am attaching the whiners on this site. If the two are the same then just too bad! This makes my point clear. If they cannot defend themselves and change their own diapers do you really think they should be in Correction?

  48. sven
    7:28 am on September 21st, 2011

    To the naysayers posting the typical rhetorical clichéd responses,

    It doesn’t matter if any of us are employed or unemployed, or if we are still working for NMCD or for another employer. What matters is that we all understand the message conveyed; “Leadership by Example” good or bad, impacts all of us.

    For the record, as a Law Enforcement Officer with the Henderson Nevada Police Department, Larry Franco had no problem tipping off drug dealers to reveal the identity of Police Officers who were working undercover.

    For the record, Mr. Franco has sustained Sexual Harassment complaints while working in the capacity as a Supervisor with NMCD’s Probation Parole Department. So once again he exploited his position of authority, all while occurring in a Department with a “Zero Tolerance” policy.

    Meanwhile through the years the turnover rate in the Farmington Office continued, as one by one the Whistle Blowers were ostracized by Larry Franco and his clique. No problem there though, as he just continued to harass anyone who exposed him for the dangerous fraud that he is; and make no mistake about it, Larry Franco is a dangerous man. Tampering with the Union’s computer in his attempt to produce a set up in the making is evidence to that fact.

    With regards to Larry Flynn, the manner in which he posed a threat to the community may appear different, but nonetheless he was solely responsible for taking STIU Officers off the street to pad his time sheets. Therefore, he too posed a threat to the community.

    The actions of both men have hurt, and attempted to destroy many people over the years. During that time, I didn’t hear anyone from Regional Management or their followers complaining then. It’s only after they are left hanging in the wind with no support from high ranking managerial staff to cover up their dirty deeds, that they squawk the loudest.

    In spite of the fact that there were many Whistle Blowers who put themselves out on the limb, Larry Franco not only prevailed, but thrived through it all because of the cowards that protected him. Larry Franco had a “God Like” complex that pushed the envelope, and the result was the FBI raided his house. Yet here on these forums the very same “Whistle Blowers” are referred to as “Whiners”. Perhaps if their 6 year old daughters were on those videos they would be thinking a tad bit differently.

    In closing, with respect to the children in the videos referenced; anyone who has any compassion for the children wouldn’t be trivializing the criminal harm that those videos caused by ridiculing those who tried to stop Larry Franco. In doing so, they unwittingly expose their own “lack of character” on public record for all to see; their days of lawlessness are counting down.

  49. Carl ToersBijns
    6:45 pm on September 23rd, 2011

    By the review of these comments it is most difficult as a former NMDOC employee to see all this bickering, back biting and name calling..It makes me sad and mad. Second, I hope Gov Martinez appoints a leader real soon as I sense that this agency is not only splintered severely but has a severe morale problem from the top to the bottom. Leadership is needed to pull all this back together and from what I have heard, its the main ingredient missing for a long time now.. DOC is family and family can disagree but this goes beyond disagreeing, this is disasterous for a law enforcement agency where people wear badges and serve the public..

  50. Carl ToersBijns
    6:48 pm on September 23rd, 2011

    By the review of these comments it is most difficult as a former NMDOC employee to see all this bickering, back biting and name calling..It makes me sad and mad. Second, I hope Gov Martinez appoints a leader real soon as I sense that this agency is not only splintered severely but has a severe morale problem from the top to the bottom. Leadership is needed to pull all this back together and from what I have heard, it has been a major trait missing for a long time now.. This is no reflection on Lupe Martinez who inherited this fragmented organization when appointed. DOC is family and family can disagree but this goes beyond disagreeing, this is disasterous for a law enforcement agency where people wear badges and serve the public..

  51. Carl ToersBijns
    7:34 pm on September 23rd, 2011

    Come on people… let’s work together.. The prisoners are having a ball seeing you fight each other.. Remember professionalism starts from within and once the tone has been set to do the job and do it right, then we come out ahead in a most combative place to begin with. Venting is good, frustrations should be controlled and for we all remember what we were taught at the begining, the only one that can control your actions, your words and your temper is yourself. Don’t let someone pull a string to make you lose something for you never lose your temper, it stays with you.. If you have a gripe, write it down and allow the due process to take place. don’t take it out on your partner, your manager or your boss.. be fair and be professional, the public deserves that much for paying your wages.
    Remember the Elbert Hubbard motto:…Character is the result of two things, mental attitude and the way we spend our time. It is what we think and what we do that makes us what we are”. – - – Mental Attitude 1906

    Peace and work together!!

  52. sven
    7:00 am on September 27th, 2011

    “Let’s work together” as Larry Franco used to say; “we are brothers and sisters” is another rhetorical lie he would spout out. Yes indeed, Mr. Franco quiet often performed the “We Are Family,” song and dance. However, when anyone challenged him in any way whatsoever, he would find another way to ostracize the Whistle Blowers even to the extent of “coaching” staff to assist him with a frame job.

    News Flash: the truth is going to come out on that one too.

    Then of course there are those who sat on the sidelines watching all of it; apathy is just as dangerous as the corrupt that wanted everyone to follow their lead. Willingness to get along for the easy promotion, or just to have it easy, is also an act of cowardice when you know and see that things are wrong, and nothing was more wrong than empowering a man like Larry Franco. In essence, “the way we spend our time”, i.e. Watching the Larry Franco’s rule the roost, is also a measure of one’s character or more aptly put, “lack of”.

  53. 1:55 pm on September 28th, 2011

    Mr. Collins,

    Do you have a fax machine or address that things can be mailed to you? News Tips, etc

  54. David Collins
    5:16 pm on September 28th, 2011


    Please send news tips to . I’d be glad to correspond with you, or to follow up on news tips.

  55. Charlotte
    8:34 pm on September 28th, 2011

    To Madison, how much did the “acting” warden of Southern pay you to write that recommendation? The only time he really acts like a warden is when Santa Fe officials come down. How do you think the taxpayers would feel if they knew he does his University of Phoenix while on state time? Let us not forget using the state vehicle for personal business. Sounds to me like he’s one step away from wearing orange.

  56. 11:03 am on September 30th, 2011


    They need to completly clean house at the Corrections Dept.
    1. Elona Cruz
    2. Charlene Knipfing
    3. John Barela
    4. Dan Barela
    5. Linda Barela
    6. Joanne Parish
    7.Jim Brewster
    8. Elsie Duran
    9. Vicki Lourello
    10. Bill Tennant
    11. Elizabeth Foley
    While their cleaning house over at free housing -Please take out the remaining trash. All these crooks needs to be asked to leave. Free cell phone, free take home cars, free luncheons, padded timecards, annual and sick leave given when their on vacation- but their paychecks still show they didn’t use it.. ( they keep all their time and get paid out thousands at the the end of the year) SHAME ON YOU FOR TAKING TAX PAYERS MONEY..

  57. 12:51 pm on September 30th, 2011

    And the beat goes on……….. The beat goes on….. Now everybody is marching to a different step and dissimilar tune,, this problem will never resolve itself as it is eating away the morale of this department from the inside out. Leadership is the key to resolution and rebirth of this agency is in order with no grandfathered or preferred and politically correct employee at the helm.. Make it fresh and do it quickly.. The ship is sinking and nobody gives a damn??

  58. sven
    6:43 pm on September 30th, 2011

    To reiterate: 40 people have gone to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office from the previous administration to voice their concern about the ongoing corruption within the New Mexico Corrections Department.

    More recently, 500 people signed off on a petition on behalf of an employee who was fired by the same corrupted regime, employees have been voicing their concern about for years on in.

    That petition went to the current Governor’s Office.

    In between that long parade of concerned employees and citizens alike, is still yet another group of so called “Lone Wolf Whistle Blowers”, and all of them have marched to the same beat; to the same tune; year in and year out.

    However, in spite of their efforts, careers were destroyed; an innocent employee framed for busting Franco tampering with the Union’s computer; Officers were injured; employees furloughed without pay; as the gang of crooks in charge, reap rewards all while “that beat goes on and on”.

    And that my friend, is how a Larry Franco can thrive for so many years.

  59. 7:54 pm on September 30th, 2011

    Most interesting breakdown of how my words fit into the current trends that frag this agency so badly. It sounds like a cancer from within and ignored from the outside.

    Perhaps there is no resolution to this matter but I sure would like to see it come together for the sake of all employees and not just those who have spoken out against the injustice and appearant mismanagement of sensitive personnel issues rarely revealed to the public. At the risk of starting a new volley of comments from everyone here, what is the bottom line to this matter and who should be the recipient of this solution that is breaking this agency apart??

    Does the governor have enough information to share with the interim officials to take some positive action and has this data been shared with the media or union or this blog we are writing in?? Curious know extend of sharing these problems and seek a positive message to Governor Martinez for resolution…

  60. sven
    9:04 pm on September 30th, 2011

    Plain and simple; what “frags” NMCD comes from within. The “Fragging” that comes from within, comes from ranking management officials that have at the very least, ignored the pleas of so many for so long, and yet many of them are still ridiculed as “nut jobs”; “incompetent employees”; “disgruntled employees”. And on and on it goes, which would explain the high turnover rate with the average Probation Parole Officer having less than three years of service with the New Mexico Corrections Department.

    In short, the bottom line, or resolution may very well come from a DOJ take over, or a full “Federal Grand Jury Investigation”. This current Governor and company, are now trying to get a handle on the matter and have their hands full no doubt. However, for anyone to put the onus on the “Whistle Blowers” for voicing their concerns on the forum, not only displaces the blame but allows for the culprits, “the true cancer” to go free without culpability.

    Sadly, in the Larry Franco saga; “Not One Whistle Blower” was able to have anything done about his outrageous behavior, instead it was his penchant in lusting for 6 year old girls that got him busted.

  61. Carl ToersBijns
    6:51 pm on October 1st, 2011

    I don’t very much if the DOJ will even consider getting involved in such matters unless their investigation is triggered by a class lawsuit that screams discrimination all over it and the state’s position is either ignoring it or denying it. It takes a lot for the DOJ to even open up an book to investigate civil right violations unless there are significant factors and specific names, dates, places and all the names of the players [pro and con] are provided to them confidentially.
    There are laws protecting whistleblowers but one must be careful and read the act with all realization that they can and will become targets of the investigation them in order to show credibility and establishing the quality of their information in terms of reliability and accuracy. I suggest you contact the Attorney General’s office as a reasonable resource to send the documentation to if you aren’t comfortable with the governor’s office.

  62. sven
    8:06 pm on October 2nd, 2011

    To All:

    Sadly, in the Larry Franco saga; “Not One Whistle Blower” was able to have anything done about his outrageous behavior; instead it was his penchant in lusting for 6 year old girls that got him busted.

    That one simple, factual statement succinctly sums up the hazards and difficulty in calling to light, the corruption that “frags” the New Mexico Corrections Department.

    Exposing corruption and being told that if the complaint is not formal then it is not valid is disingenuous to say the least, and further explains why the Media often steps in during such circumstances.

    In any event, the matter may be simpler to redress than many people realize. The Larry Franco case is waiting in the wings. He is facing 6 counts with a minimum mandatory five years for each count. Therefore, even if three of the counts are dropped, he is still facing 15 years with time subtracted for good behavior. To get such a deal, Mr. Franco will have to “roll”.

    That being said, there are many ways to expose the truth about the corruption within the New Mexico Corrections Department. From forum postings on one end of the spectrum to a DOJ Investigation on the other end of the spectrum; all can be effective ways to redress internal corruption and the external entities that empower NMCD’s Managerial rank and file.

    In conclusion, “I am comfortable” in channeling those complaints to the Governor’s Office as well.

  63. Lydia
    8:32 pm on October 2nd, 2011

    I’m comfortable channeling it to the governor’s office as well. Where are you Gov. Martinez ??

    Many, many campaign promises were made and are now broken. The Governor ran on an beatable platform to “Take back New Mexico”, “This is our state, let’s take it back.” Yeah, right.

    Most of the worst appointees from the Richardson regime have remained. Much of the same trash continues to run wild. Will anything ever change at the Department of Corruption ? Doubtful.

    In the meantime under paid and overworked employees struggle on while the unqualified fat cats at the top continue to be overpaid and under worked. Staffing shortages inside the facilities are at dangerous levels. Somehow Gov. Martinez managed to find an extra 98K a year laying around to create a new position for Charlene Knipfing.

    I supported you in the election and you are letting us down ! Take out the trash and please start with the list very appropriately provided on a previous post.

  64. Carl ToersBijns
    8:42 pm on October 2nd, 2011

    Most interesting saga and well told except for the specific details appearantly withheld on purpose to make it more interesting either in person or in the news. There is some truth in what has been said about a complaint – if it’s not in writing = it doesn’t exist. Perhaps you can gather enough support and written complaints to deliver them to the Governor in person and put an end to all this conflict by laying it on the table and making them either take action or break their promise and ignore the problem.. Either way, you should share with the media what you have IF it doesn’t work out the way you planned it as a group or individual and whether known or unknown to the public and others impacted by these allegations.

  65. sven
    7:02 am on October 3rd, 2011

    “If it’s not in writing = it doesn’t exist”

    “Therein lies the rub”; it sounds like somebody is counting on everybody to be silent. Word to the wise; there is enough information that has been written on the forum to understand that much of what has been written on the forum has also been documented in the form of a formal complaint.

    So why should that bother anyone with the self professed claim that they want what is best for all, or more aptly put, “for themselves”. How convenient.

  66. 10:35 pm on October 3rd, 2011

    Candance you made a list of people to get rid of within the corrections dept. You forgot to add the inside girl tanya rodriguez and inside boy jeremiah ambabo fon
    dly refered to as rover.

  67. Roger
    12:31 am on October 9th, 2011

    Wow, you go Nicole; you got me on your side. The cowards have changed their names, but can still figure out who they are by their third grade education. I am glad to see others going up against, these lazy, jealous loser’s. What boneheads, they don’t even get it; they are the only 4 in the state who care. The rest of the intelligent people in this state have bigger worries like the drug dealers and the non working free loaders. I Think they should drive the state cars all over, lunch, spa, gym, schools and any other place their heart’s desire. It’s a no brainer, state car with bars in the back it’s a public awareness and prevents possible crime that why Peace Officer’s bring their cars home. Bottom line is these people have the mentality of a crowbar.

  68. Lydia
    6:06 pm on October 9th, 2011

    Difference being you are NOT a police officer. That’s who gets to drive cars home to deter crime. Sorry bonehead, like most probation officers you’re only a wannabe who thinks you’re more than you are. Get over yourself, you’re nothing more than any other desk jockey state employee !

  69. Roger
    6:41 pm on October 9th, 2011

    Lydia, you are a foolish and not even close. I don’t even work for the state nor do I sit at a desk. I am Just a Republican tax payer who appreciates working people who have integrity. I don’t have a problem with employees receiving benefits if they work. My issue is with the non working freeloaders, cowards and employees that lack morals and bad mouth others because they don’t have what it takes to be successful, I have read the bloggers making accusations on their very own leadership and yet the blogging cowards themselves don’t have the integrity to confront the issues in person or the very people they are bashing. If your all that, then I challenge you to crawl out from under your rock and start confronting the names you mention in person, I don’t believe you have it in you! I got over myself a long time ago and now I am on to you!

  70. Lydia
    7:38 pm on October 9th, 2011

    It takes 30 minutes to track me down and known on my door, no knock yet. You’re on to me. You’re starting to sound a little threatening there yourself Roger. To use your words, no one invests this much time without a personal interest. That personal interest can come from many different places. I am a taxpayer and don’t like freeloads either. I also don’t like corruption. Predominately there are two kinds of employees at PPD, those who are with the status quo and those who are too afraid to make a change including those that just can’t make it elsewhere. Until things changes, at the top first, DOC will remain a punch line.

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