‘How to make NM less vulnerable to gov’t shutdowns’ discussed on statewide TV

By Rob Nikolewski on October 21, 2013
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NEW MEXICO’S RELIANCE ON WASHINGTON: It’s estimated that between one-fourth to one-third of New Mexico’s economy is directly or indirectly related to the federal government.

By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog

The New Mexico economy is estimated to be one-fourth to one-third dependent on federal dollars.

That’s a staggering figure and begs the question: What should the state do to diversify its economy, especially seeing how the recent partial government shutdown affected New Mexico and came within a whisker of shutting down the national laboratories at Sandia and Los Alamos?

New Mexico Watchdog published a story after talking to a number of policy and business experts (click here to read it) and last Friday, the Watchdog story was highlighted on the KNME-TV public affairs program, “,” which is seen in most households across the state.

Here’s the segment, moderated by Gene Grant, with Rob Nikolewski of NM Watchdog joined by three other panelists discussing what can be done:

You can view the entire one-hour program by .

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