#$@&!: Post-shutdown, NM lawmakers hear it from constituents

By Rob Nikolewski on October 18, 2013
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By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog

SANTA FE — Now that the partial government shutdown and debt ceiling debate is over (for now), members of New Mexico’s Capitol Hill delegation are getting cheers and jeers on social media.

A perusal of the Facebook pages of the four Democrats and one Republican reflect the bitter partisan divide that enveloped Washington, D.C., for more than two weeks – with plenty of comments alternately congratulating and excoriating the New Mexico members for their respective votes.

HEARING IT FROM CONSTITUENTS: Members of New Mexico’s Capitol Hill delegation received praise and pans after their respective votes on the partial government shutdown and debt ceiling debate.

scanned each Facebook page of the delegation and saw that all five members posted a comment as the shutdown and debt debates ended Wednesday night. By Friday morning, there was a cascade of “likes” “shares” and “comments” from their followers.

, the lone New Mexico Republican on Capitol Hill, racked up the most comments — .

Pearce was in the U.S. House of Representatives who voted against the legislation ending the standoff, Wednesday night that “while I am happy that furloughed employees can go back to work,” he couldn’t support the bill because “the agreement does not end the double standard for Washington, nor does it change our nation’s dangerous course of reckless spending.”

Conservative commenters praised Pearce as liberals blasted him. “I can’t believe you voted against the agreement, that’s reckless!” one commenter wrote while another posted, “Way to stick to ur guns, Steve Pearce!”

Last week, by posting on Facebook that if government workers were having trouble paying bills, they could go to financial institutions for “short-term loans and other resources.”

Calling the post “badly worded,” it was written by a staff member and taken down.

The two New Mexico Democrats in the House, and , after they posted following their “yes” votes on the deal.

that “the last few weeks have proven beyond a doubt that recklessly shutting down the government and sabotaging the economy is simply not a responsible way to govern,” which led one commenter to write, “thank you for being a voice of reason,” while another wrote, “you just voted to increase our national debt. Shame the devil and tell the truth.”

New Mexico’s two U.S. senators, Democrats and , also took to Facebook. Heinrich wrote that “New Mexicans paid a heavy price because of the reckless and irresponsible antics of a small faction of Tea Party Republicans.”

That prompted , ranging from “thank you standing firm in the face of the oddest thing to happen in the Senate since the Civil war,” to “this increased debt you voted for will have a reckoning when you are voted out of office.”

, “I’m relieved to return to focusing on strengthening our country and our economy, and finding a sustainable, long-term solution to our nation’s finances,” which spurred 141 comments.

“Udall is part of the same party that hasn’t produced a budget in 5 years, has built up more deficits than any president ever and now has created a healthcare mandate that will drive the country faster toward bankruptcy,” one critic wrote, while a Udall supporter chimed in with, “time to put the heat on the Repubs, fix the tax laws to make them equitable, tax corps AND close the loopholes for big business and billionaires. Thanks for your hard work Senator.”

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  1. L.E. Liesner
    3:33 pm on October 18th, 2013

    Out of the five congressional delegates from the State of New Mexico, Pearce is the only one with his head screwed on in the right direction. That is probably because he has actually worked and ran a business to maintain his livelihood. Kicking the can down the road is and has always been a recipe for fiscal disaster and the politicians that think that paying tomorrow for reckless spending today is fiscal responsibility, they are crazier than bedbugs. Thanks Steve.

  2. 10:24 am on October 21st, 2013

    Since our elected representatives no longer hold town hall meetings when they return to New Mexico, Facebook is the next best thing.

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