New Google Alerts Third-Party Add-On Boosts Marketing Intelligence Access for Small Businesses Busy Pros

Adam Green, “Mr. Google Alerts”, has taken his considerable database expertise, hitched it to the web’s most trusted news alert service, and created a powerful add-on tool to aid beleaguered small business owners and marketing professionals.

“There is a massive amount of information on the web – almost too much for logical consumption,” Green notes. “As Google Alerts users we knew that it was a great tool, but the more we used it, the more overwhelmed we became with the flood of e-mails it generated. We decided to build a marketing management tool that would sort, rank and analyze the mass of information Google Alerts produces and funnel it into a simple, automatic system that any small business owner could use and afford.”

AlertRank isn’t a replacement for Google Alerts. In fact, it’s the first and only monitoring tool to be powered by the technology behind Google Alerts. The difference is that AlertRank enhances the original alert data with essential qualifying criteria provided by the user. For entrepreneurs who are already overwhelmed with just keeping their business afloat in a tough economy, AlertRank makes it easy for them to stay current on important news and trends in their industry – helping them move past the online “noise” and get to the “chatter” and news that really matters to running and growing their business.

AlertRank is a web application that requires no software to download or install. Once activated, it adds Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and a dozen other key ranking values to each user-defined alert, making it easy for users to quickly focus on high priority news which may benefit from a quick response. Users can review their AlertRank summary reports via a daily Excel email digest or their online account dashboard. In addition, users can share relevant alerts and build valuable links via Twitter, Digg, delicious, and other popular social media.

AlertRank also

Permanently stores alerts within its database manager, making it easy to sort alerts by ranking value, search for additional keywords, and print custom ranking reports.

Cross-references alerts by source for at-a-glance identification of active and high ranked sources per alert query, perfect for blogger outreach marketing and PR programs. Bobs SEO Las Vegas SEO professionals use source data to uncover new targets for backlinks for client sites.

Includes interactive alert analysis with a familiar, Google Analytics-type interface. This system provides customizable graphs and statistical reports on trends and behaviors.

Filters alerts based on ranking values to reduce email overload. Users can review key alerts at once by email and save the rest in their account dashboard for viewing later.
“Armed with quality data from high-priority sites, small biz owners can finally start marketing themselves and their businesses – unearthing new sales leads, attracting new customers, improving site SEO, monitoring online reputation – and thriving,” said Green, who has been working in software for almost 30 years. “Let’s face it … at the end of the day, sifting through loads of news alerts, blog postings and comments or figuring out what to write, tweet or share using the latest social media is the last thing a busy entrepreneur has time for,” notes Green.

From e-commerce sites to brick-and-mortar stores, from work at home “moms” and start-up entrepreneurs to PR and SEO firms and consultancies, the fee-based (.95 a month) subscription service is ideal for any small business looking to succeed.

From Database Guru to Mr. Google Alerts

A true high-tech pioneer, Green wrote several top-ranked books on dBASE in the 1980s. After a stint as CTO of, Green earned his Master’s degree in the history of science at Harvard. Ready for yet another challenge, Green began to look at ways to improve the quality and usefulness of web search – ultimately focusing on Google Alerts.

“Google Alerts is a great tool by itself if you’ve got lots of time to read through news alert after news alert trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. I just figured if I was getting snowed under by the avalanche of information, other folks had to be, too,” concludes Green.

About is published by Grazr Corp., which has been developing Internet products since March of 2006. AlertRank’s distinguished board of advisors includes Dan Bricklin, co-creator of VisiCalc, and David Weinberger, noted Web author and speaker.

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